What happens to your body when you stop smoking?

Most of the people these days are smokers . Even tho some of the want to quit they say that this is very hard for them. Nicotine in the cigarettes is making us addictive to them and turn smoking into a habit.

1. Let the Healing Begin!

After 20 minutes from your last cigarette, your blood pressure and your pulse will drop to normal.

After 8 hours of not smoking, the levels of carbon monoxide in your blood will drop to normal, and your oxygen levels will rise to normal.

2. Save Your Heart

After 24 hours of not smoking, your have smaller chances of a future heart attack. At 1 year, your excess risk of coronary heart disease is half that of a smoker’s.

3. Senses Become Enhanced

At the 48-hour mark, your senses of smell and taste are enhanced, and your nerve endings start regrowing.

4. Breathe Better

Between 2 weeks and 3 months, walking becomes easier, your circulation improves and your lung function increases up to 30 percent.

At 1 to 9 months, your body’s overall energy increases. Coughing, sinus congestion and shortness of breath decrease. Cilia regrow in the lungs to help clean them and reduce the chance of infections.

After 10 years, the lung cancer death rate is comparable to a nonsmoker’s. Precancerous cells are replaced, and the risk of mouth, throat, esophageal, bladder, kidney and pancreatic cancer decreases.

5. Lower Cancer Risk

After 5 years, your risk of mouth, throat and esophageal cancer is half that of a smoker’s. Stroke risk is the same as a nonsmoker’s, and the lung cancer death rate is almost half that of average smokers (one pack a day).

6. Turn Back the Clock

Congratulations. 15 years after quitting, your risk of heart disease is the same as a nonsmoker’s.


Source: www.barenaturalhealth.com/


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